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Jungle Rot – New for 2023

Attraction 3: As you venture through dimly lit corridors and tangled foliage, the air thickens with an eerie mist, and the haunting sounds of distant drums echo ominously. Beware of the cursed creatures lurking in the shadows, their grotesque forms twisted by the jungle rot that infects both body and soul. The decaying remains of lost explorers and ill-fated adventurers serve as grim reminders of the relentless curse that binds them to this forsaken realm. Do you dare to confront the jungle’s malevolent forces? Navigate through the darkness, evade the clutches of the jungle’s undead, and try to escape with your sanity intact. But be warned, not all who enter Jungle Rot emerge unscathed.


Pure Terror Scream Park

299 Museum Village Road 
1010 Route 17M   Mailing Address
Monroe, NY 10950
Ph:  845-300-4448

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Guinness World Record holder for the longest overall haunted attraction in the world. Pure Terror Scream Park offers all-new, mind-altering haunted houses. Located in the mid-Hudson Valley, Orange County NY, and easily accessible from New York City, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and the entire Tri-State Area!

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